The land where they roam free...

March 31, 2011


Nothing planned for a weekend in Belgium? 
Drive to the Monde Sauvage, Belgique - the land where the animals roam wild and free... and apparently, also ask for a head scratch... demonstrated by the little bird down below to my mom!

View some of the amazing animals from your car window as you drive into the zoo park and watch while the giraffes, zebras and ostriches approach up close to personally greet you! It's quite the experience and being an animal lover that I am, I loved the whole experience. To top it all off, the day was beautiful as well!!

Advice: as it's a natural terrain, driving a comfort sedan may prove to be a bit difficult due to its big bumpy roads and what sorts... so ideally it would be great to drive in with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. BUT...for those too much in love with their car to let it get up close and personal with the horns of bulls and other sorts of creatures, rest assured that there is an option for visitors to ride in the mini-train that brings visitors within the wild-roaming compound! :)

Le Monde Sauvage
#3 Fange de Deigné
4920 Aywaille, Liege

Phone: 04/360.90.70

C'est Paris: Mora - le spécialiste des ustensiles de votre cuisine

March 4, 2011

"Les Halles, the city's main wholesale food market, occupied the area just south of the Église St-Eustache from the early 12th century until 1969..."

And until now Les Halles still is! Where on every Thursday and weekends, the long avenues of top-knot restaurants, cafes and bakeries close shop to make way for the bustling fresh-foods market with boisterous vendors competing for sales of good quality, uber-fresh produce!
Not surprisingly as well, is that Les Halles is also the place where all the professionals go to, to shop and stock up on their essentials and gear! It's an awesome area to go flâneur-ing! You'll be surprised to find out what you've discovered!

Among the few gems is the shop called MORA <--- click here for link.

Specialist in all things in the kitchen, the store supplies everything from food colouring, chocolate molds, bake pans, professional mixers, cookbook encyclopedias (in french, of course!) to edible decorative sprinkles, glitters, colours and down to basic necessities like chef uniforms and table cloths in varying colour and sizes. 

Whatever you're looking for, chances are that this store has it!

Personally, I've been to this store a few times and in all occasions I have failed to leave the store empty handed! The items are reasonably affordable (even cheaper compared to their neighbouring stores) and always in stock. Staff are always at hand to help you in case you have trouble.

Be warned: on weekends this shop can be quite busy and packed as a mélange of professional and non-professional folk swarm the store to stock up on their weekly essentials. 

#13, Rue Montmartre
75001 PARIS

Métro station: "Les Halles"
sortie Rambuteau
Hours of Operation :
  Monday to Friday : 9h00 to 18h15
  Saturday: 10h00 to 13h00 & 13h45 to 18h30.

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